Comment démarrer sur Rotary Event?

This guide will describe how to get started with Rotary Event and how to successfully set up and manage your event. Enjoy!

1. Set up your Rotary Event Account

Go to and create your account on behalf of your club or district. Usually the first user of this account will be the administrator and can invite other members to join.

2. Set up your Stripe Account

To make payment via credit card available for your event, you need to create an stripe account. You can sign up via

3. Set up your Rotary Event

Inside the Rotary Event admin area you can create a new event, give it a name, description and add details on time and date.
Once the general information is setup you need to decide on what elements (e.g. Gala Dinner, Banquet Evening, Seminaire Day 1, Seminaire Day 2 etc.)
Then you need to decide on types of participants you will have at your Event (e.g. Rotarien, Spouse, Friend etc.)
Furthermore you will need to decide on what price the event will be offered and if the price differs in relation to the type of participant. If the price will be the same for all participants you only need to add one price.

Créez votre compte maintenant

Vous souhaitez vous lancer sur Rotary Event? En utilisant le bouton ci-dessous, vous pouvez créer un nouveau compte pour votre club ou district sur Rotary Event. Si vous etes un nouveau utilisateur pour un compte existant, veuillez contacter l’administrateur pour vous inviter à ce compte.

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