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Easy Event Management for Rotary Events

This app is developed by Rotarians for Rotarians that have the need to manage registrations and take payments for a Rotary event in a smooth and easy manner.
It has been successfully used for Rotary District Conferences, Assemblies and Dinners.

Here are some of the features:

  • Fully configurable - participant types, event details and pricing
  • Low credit card fees (we use Stripe for payments, no setup fees)
  • Additional payment types like Check and Bank Wire transfers
  • Print badges (ordered by club and surname)
  • Attendance statistics - registrations and participants
  • One-page checkout with multiple participants registration
  • Create and send invitations (with special pricing or free)
  • Tracking of sent emails
  • Back-end to manage registrations and participants and payments/refunds

Please contact us if you would like to use Rotary Event !

We want to provide this system to Rotary Districts and Clubs at the lowest fees possible.
For now its free to use, but later we might need to ask for a small donation to keep the system running and to support it.
Profit is donated to the Rotary Foundation.


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