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Dear Rotarians and friends of the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians

Our IFFR and Rotarian friends in Ukraine need our support.

Ukraine (District 2232) has been invaded by Russia and Belarus. Ukrainian cities are being bombed and shelled, many civilians, women and children, have been killed or wounded. There is a huge wave of refugees, who are fleeing the war to the west of the country and to cross its borders into neighbouring countries.

Only last autumn we succeeded in winning Ukraine as a new squadron for IFFR. We got to know extremely motivated and committed Rotarians whose situation has now changed dramatically.
I have been in intensive exchange with them for the last few days to understand how they are doing and where their needs are.

One of our members is a doctor and works both as an in-country coordinator as Head of Service Committee for local communities and as a doctor about 200 km outside of Kiev. Through her we have a direct line and know without detours what is needed.

Many of you have approached me in the last few days with the question if IFFR Europe would be willing and able to support the humanitarian side of this crises. We would like to make it as easy as possible on the one hand and on the other hand ensure that the donations reach where they are needed. This shows once again and in a very impressive way how strong the Rotarian network is.

On the advice of our friends in Ukraine, the donated money does not go directly to Ukraine because we want to prevent potential misuse. The IFFR section France has opened a special donation account for this purpose and we will use our direct contacts to ensure that the money and the goods purchased reach the places where they are needed.

I would also be very grateful if you would spread the word about this campaign in your circle, be it in a Rotary or private environment.

We thank you warmly for your solidarity. Your donation allows us to support the teams mobilized in Ukraine who save and protect the lives of victims of armed conflict and violence.

Nik Ammann
Vice President Europe/Africa/Middle East
International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians

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